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The Complete Peter J. Daniels eBook Collection


The Peter J. Daniels eBook collection includes:

  • Christian Code Of Conduct

    God has a great deal to say about the conduct of His people and how they should behave as citizens of His Kingdom. In this book, Dr. Peter Daniels poses the question: “Why is it that so many people who have been Christians for ten, twenty and even fifty years appear to be so ineffective as an example in the performance of their everyday lives?”

  • Global Survey Into Multi-Level Marketing 

    The Rescue of an Industry! For those who are energetic, like to be with people and have challenging desires, Global Survey into Multi-Level Marketing can provide an immense opportunity that will absorb their lives in the direction and capacity of managing their networking/multi-level marketing involvement.

    For those already committed to a networking/multi-level marketing organisation, this survey will reveal some changes that need to be made.

  • How To Be Happy Though Rich 

    At first glance, the title of this book may seem somewhat strange. I guess most of us would be quite happy to be rich! But how to be happy though rich? On the other hand, there is a popular belief that it is wrong for a Christian to be rich. Or, if not exactly wrong, not quite right, either! Perhaps in response to this, there has been a rising tide of teaching in some quarters in recent years, that prosperity is, in fact, a matter of faith.

  • How To Be Motivated All The Time  

    Discouragement is one of the most fatal emotions in human experience. It causes failure in marriage, in business, in career, in church life, in study, in personal development. The best antidote to discouragement is motivation.

  • How To Create Your Own Dynamic Mission Statement That Works   

    This book can be for you a blueprint for success and priority living that will clarify your direction and make the journey of life more enjoyable. The following pages will guide you into a “take charge” lifestyle that puts you at the control levers of your life. For some this may become unsettling, because there is within that unforgiving framework a “no let out” clause for personal and corporate accountability.

  • How To Handle A Major Crisis   

    If you can go through life without facing a major crisis, you are very fortunate indeed! Most people are confronted by crisis situations more than once. In this book, Peter J. Daniels writes from his own experience. Coming from a poor background and a broken home, he has himself faced serious illness and bankruptcy on several occasions. Simple guidelines are laid down which enable the reader to take practical steps to overcome difficulty and to face critical situations successfully.

  • How To Reach Your Life Goals   

    This book is not a collection of other people’s writings or ideas. It did not come from a desire to write or a feelings of knowledge. It is not from the high scaffolds of academia, nor is it based on ignorance. But it does come from more than a quarter-century of failures, successes, sweat, sleepless nights and a desperate desire to achieve! The possible difference between this book and others is that I have tried and tested every item and principle suggested. I warn you not to expect a miracle by reading this book; a miracle already has been performed by your existence.

  • Living On The Edge   

    While coming from a poor dysfunctional family background and suffering from ill health and dyslexia he never passed one grade at school. However, from this humble beginning he developed a deep faith in God and confounded the sceptics. At seventy years of age he still aspires, works and looks like someone much younger.

  • Miss Phillips, You Were Wrong: A Formula To Handle Rejection   

    Peter J Daniels would have been considered a prime candidate for a dull, meaningless and unfulfilled life. He came from a broken home, failed at school, failed in business and was plagued by illiteracy and low self esteem. His teacher, Miss Phillips, told him he would never amount to anything. The bank manager warned he would never make it in Real Estate. A high ranking parliamentarian told him he would never be able to speak in public.

  • The Awesome Power Of Public Speaking   

    At 26 years of age, I was a bricklayer, with very limited education and pretty fuzzy comprehension. Yet within my soul was a desperate, urgent, compelling desire to communicate. I did not at this stage have any message – only a feeling that I had something burning inside that had to get out; and I was prepared to trade my life for it.

  • Willpower: The Integrity Of The Soul   

    Have you ever lain awake at night and, while looking at the ceiling, wondered what your life could have been? Have you ever contemplated what, but for a deviation here or an obstacle there, you would be doing now and how your life would have been different? Have you ever examined the decisions you have made and those you should have made? Have you ever considered why certain decisions were made? Why you did this or did not do that?

    All copyrights of the material authored by Peter J Daniels are owned by the “WORLD CENTRE FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL STUDIES FOUNDATION”.