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How to be Motivated All The Time E-Book


Discouragement is one of the most fatal emotions in human experience. It causes failure in marriage, in business, in career, in church life, in study, in personal development. The best antidote to discouragement is motivation.

A person who is both personally and permanently motivated doesn’t give up easily! In this book Peter Daniels lays down simple, practical keys to becoming and remaining motivated. In fact, you only have to look over the chapter headings to see how practical and down-to-earth this book is. Yet at the same time, this is a challenging volume. Anyone who wants to succeed in any area of life should grasp the principles outlined here. Whether you want to be a success in business or in your career or simply in the art of living, continuing motivation is crucial. In fact, some of the fundamental principles that Peter Daniels outlines are timeless – hence the occasional reference to the eternal values mentioned in Scripture.

And for this reason, they are also universal: they apply to all of us. Reading this book should really help you to be motivated all the time! Barry Chant, President, The House of Tabor.

All copyrights of the material authored by Peter J Daniels are owned by the “WORLD CENTRE FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL STUDIES FOUNDATION”.