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As a personal tutorial, Destiny has no equal and has been applauded globally for its practicality and results in the fields of entrepreneurship, personal development, and leadership.

During this Online version of the Destiny of the Third Millennium Program, you will discover the principles of time management, economic security, goal setting, will power, crisis management, directional thinking, how to lead, ideas that make money, motivational permanence, decision making, how to create a heritage, how to handle stress, how to create and control a board of directors, how to build a mission statement that works, how to discover your sense of destiny and much more.

The information contained in this program is clearly understandable and immediately usable.

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The Life Goals Collection is not a collection of other people’s writings or ideas. It did not come from a desire to write or feelings of knowledge.

It is not from the high scaffolds of academia, nor is it based on ignorance. But it does come from more than a quarter-century of failures, successes, sweat, sleepless nights, and a desperate desire to achieve! The possible difference between these books and others is that I have tried and tested every item and principle suggested. I warn you not to expect a miracle by reading these books; a miracle already has been performed by your existence.

But you can fulfill a miracle by making the principles you are prepared to adopt a part of your life. I have lectured on the subject “How to Reach Your Life Goals” around the world at the request of others. This book results from a call for additional information. You will discover early in the books a very strange element that is rarely discussed in books on motivation.

In understanding the implication of that, you may identify with some of the words first written by a successful man – Paul the Apostle, who said: “I pummel my body into submission.” I hope you find within these pages the spark to light your flame. I expect – even hope – that many will improve on what I have written. I have avoided wasting words on embellishment. So brevity, not verbosity, will mark these pages.

Finally, I hope I achieve my goals in writing this book by turning you, the reader, into a motivated achiever.

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