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Christian Code of Conduct E-Book


God has a great deal to say about the conduct of His people and how they should behave as citizens of His Kingdom. In this book Dr. Peter Daniels poses the question: “Why is it that so many people who have been Christians for ten, twenty and even fifty years appear to be so ineffective as an example in the performance of their everyday lives?”

Could it be that a misunderstanding of grace has lessened the standard, or excused the effort needed to be the victorious overcomers God has called His people to be? Or perhaps it is intimidation caused by the demands for political and religious correctness that has muted the voice of preachers so they no longer have the courage to declare and require a biblical code of behavior.

Dr. Daniels’ book is of immense value; it has been tried and proven. It is not untested or untried theory. Therefore, it comes with the weight of authority, and brings a blessing ready to be imparted to the reader.

I have confidence in its validity as Dr. Daniels’ life bears witness to what he writes. He has “disciplined his mind and actions.” He has added action to his faith.

He can therefore, with integrity, recommend to us that we should put together our own Christian Code of Conduct.

When a code is recommended concerning Christian behavior, shallow and religious minds tend to think of a legalistic list of do’s and don’ts. This book is about the behavior and actions of God’s people, whose hearts have been touched by God’s amazing grace and love, and thus a desire has been stirred within them that their lives will truly glorify God with “conduct worthy of the Gospel of Christ” (Philippians 1:27).

All copyrights of the material authored by Peter J Daniels are owned by the “WORLD CENTRE FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL STUDIES FOUNDATION”.