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How to Reach Your Life Goals E-Book


This book is not a collection of other people’s writings or ideas. It did not come from a desire to write or a feelings of knowledge.

It is not from the high scaffolds of academia, nor is it based on ignorance. But it does come from more than a quarter-century of failures, successes, sweat, sleepless nights and a desperate desire to achieve! The possible difference between this book and others is that I have tried and tested every item and principle suggested. I warn you not to expect a miracle by reading this book; a miracle already has been performed by your existence.

But you can fulfil a miracle by making the principles you are prepared to adopt a part of your life. I have lectured on the subject “How to Reach Your Life Goals” around the world at the request of others. This book results from a call for additional information. You will discover early in the book a very strange element which is rarely discussed in books on motivation.

In understanding the implication of that, you may identify with some of the words first written by a successful man – Paul the Apostle, who said: “I pummel my body into submission.” I hope you find within these pages the spark to light your flame. I expect – even hope – that many will improve on what I have written. I have avoided wasting words on embellishment. So brevity, not verbosity, will mark these pages.

Finally I hope I achieve my goals in writing this book by turning you, the reader, into a motivated achiever.

All copyrights of the material authored by Peter J Daniels are owned by the “WORLD CENTRE FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL STUDIES FOUNDATION”.