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How to be Happy though Rich E-Book


At first glance, the title of this book may seem somewhat strange. I guess most of us would be quite happy to be rich! But how to be happy though rich? On the other hand, there is a popular belief that it is wrong for a Christian to be rich. Or, if not exactly wrong, not quite right, either! Perhaps in response to this, there has been a rising tide of teaching in some quarters in recent years, that prosperity is, in fact, a matter of faith.

If you have enough faith, you will prosper. If you are not prospering, then maybe your faith is at fault. In How to be Happy Though Rich, Peter Daniels works his way though all of these various attitudes and has a good hard look at the whole question. He comes up with some surprising, challenging and often disturbing answers. He points out that “rich” is a purely relative term and even the poorest Australian may be very rich in comparison with the majority of the world’s population. He shows how the acquisition of money carries with it a divine responsibility to use it wisely and generously. He points out that prosperity usually implies leadership – and that always means hard work, pressure and criticism! There are also some very important guidelines for ordering your daily life and managing affairs.

I was in a seminar once when someone asked Mr. Daniels if there was not a danger of a money becoming your god. His answer was right to the point: “Not if you keep on giving it away. You can never give away your god.” I recommend this book to you – whether you be rich or poor – for it will help you to arrive at a clear, balanced and beneficial view of handling money.

I’m sure that reading it will help you to improve your affairs significantly. You’ll certainly get
more than the price of this book in return! Barry Chant, Director, House of Tabor.

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