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Destiny of the 3rd Millennium- PJD Webinar


As a personal tutorial Destiny has no equal and has been applauded globally for it’s practicality and results in the fields of entrepreneurship, personal development, and leadership.

During this Online version of the Destiny of the Third Millennium Program, you will discover the principles of time management, economic security, goal setting, will power, crisis management, directional thinking, how to lead, ideas that make money, motivational permanence, decision making, how to create a heritage, how to handle stress, how to create and control a board of directors, how to build a mission statement that works, how to discover your sense of destiny and much more.

The information contained in this program is clearly understandable and immediately usable.

This course includes.

Welcome Message from Dr Peter J. Daniels

Introduction Video

The Destiny program contains two introductory Videos

In Part One you will be guided through the contents of the first three lessons of program and discover the learning process.

In Part Two you will be guided through the last three last lessons and the leaning process.

The Manual/ Course Content

This interactive “manual” with a 10 year plan goal chart, will require deep thought and self-examination in respect to your established evaluations and desires.

Audio Narratives

The audio narratives are tailored specifically to motivate and teach you to reach your highest potential. They contain an explanatory narration of the elements that encompass a Sense of Destiny.

Lesson One: The Dream

Handling areas such as lack of focus, fear of the unknown, admit and learn by mistakes, inconsistent work habits, creating good relationships and financial security, also hands on worksheets with four questions examining the substance of your dream.

Using your imagination

  • Free reign dramatic response to hereditary response
  • Relative circumstantial response
  • Emotional relative response
  • Automatic experiential response
  • Principal controlled response
  • Pre-determined stimulate response
  • Automatic selective flow
  • Flash imageology on absolutes which help you get things done
  • Lesson Two: The Vision

    Covering four areas:

  • The Momentum
  • The Dominance
  • The Form
  • The Function
  • Six principles of time management to establish a vision:

  • A simple lifestyle
  • Concentrate on essentials
  • Control your time
  • Apply strong pressure to specific tasks
  • Choose words carefully and accurately to save time
  • Time alone and time at work are of equal value
  • Interactive question and answers.

    Lesson Three: The Commitment

  • Understanding the cost benefits ratio
  • Remove the mystic
  • Clarify your values
  • Open your mind to a new thought
  • Make the commencement easy
  • Beginning the formula
  • Developing the formula
  • Owning the formula
  • Lesson Four: The Goal

  • Destiny goals
  • Functional goals
  • Structural goals
  • Destiny goals with specific interaction charts in all areas of life
  • Lesson Five: The Mission

  • Describe your pain transaction
  • Describe your time frame
  • Describe your specifics
  • Putting your personal mission statement together:

  • The Goal
  • The Vehicle
  • The Creed
  • The Commitment
  • The Qualification
  • The Positioning
  • The Assessment
  • The Destination
  • Sample illustration. Mission Statements both personal and corporate are included.

    Lesson Six: The Destiny

    • The special distinctives of a leader
    • A formula for identifying power holders
    • Understanding the priority essentials of leadership
    • Four questions to measure your progress on the path to greatness
    • A formula for mathematically measuring daily performance
    • Ten principles for building better people
    • Sixteen principles for having supreme confidence for every occasion
    • Eighteen principles for being motivated all the time
    • Three simple motivational principles
    • Team motivational principles
    • Eight team motivational principles
    • Fifteen principles for handling a major financial crisis
    • A personal formula for economic protection
    • The ten principles of entrepreneurship
    • The seven principles for developing an idea

    Downloadable Materials

    1. Destiny Student Workbook
    2. How to build a successful life PDF
      This book offers clear step by step instructions on how to plan your life and avoid many of the mishaps and failures that hinder growth.
    3. Jesus and Wealth PDF
      This book reveals the investigation by astronomers, theologians and historians, into the value of the “gold, frankincense and myrrh” that was given to Jesus by the “wise men of the east”. Their conclusion is astounding!
    4. Entrepreneurs and Leaders Handbook PDF
      This book is a collection of a lifetime of codes, principles and success formulas, discovered and used by Peter J Daniels.