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In this FREE e-book, you will learn that attaining success depends more on attitude than on circumstances. During his lifetime, and coming from humble circumstances himself, Peter J. Daniels demonstrates what can be accomplished by adopting a positive philosophy, setting challenging goals, and following a plan of action for achieving those goals. 


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"I was intrigued by his life story and impact in the world. I was totally captivated by his wisdom and grace."

Cathy Shu
College Graduate, entrepreneur

“We are blessed to know you; my family will never be the same again since learning from you Peter Daniels”

Merry Kammerer

“I had dropped out of college to go into business. Your message, by God's grace, has allowed us to impact the world! That is the fruit of your ministry”

Patrice Tsague
CSO, Nehemiah Project

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David & Jason Benham
Founders Experownership.com

“Thank you, for all you have done to build God's Kingdom through the marketplace.”

Os Hillman, President

"Thank you, for your faithfulness to the King
of kings and your uncompromising integrity..."

Dr. Joseph Peck
Founder, Empower2000


What’s Inside the Book?

Assessing Your Position

Positioning can be a matter of accident by being in the right place at the right time. It has to do with time, location, markets, the economy, world events, shortages and gluts. It has no particular sign or label, but its fruit abounds everywhere and almost all of the time. Positions abound daily.

Taking Time to Dream

Do not be too busy to dream; rather, be busy dreaming. Cut your heavy schedule and go alone to a quiet spot with a pen and paper or tape recorder and dream, imagine, plot, talk to yourself and think. It could be the most profitable time of the week. Schedule a time each week to just dream of your future.

Handling Disappointments

Disappointments are the testing times. They provide opportunities to evaluate your resolves and test your determination quotient before the next step. During times of disappointment your attitude is of paramount importance because it is at that level your enthusiasm can be accelerated or deflated.

About the Author

Peter J Daniels

Peter Daniels has authored over fifteen books and numerous business education programs that are distributed worldwide in many languages. He has been honored by universities, institutions, and governments for his entrepreneurial ability and benevolence and has served on International Boards with some of the world’s greatest intellectual, business, academic, religious, and corporate giants of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Peter and his wife promote Christian family values. They have three children, eight grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

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