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I've collated what I had learned over the last 50 years and put it in a simple form that you can follow and enjoy within Destiny of the 3rd Millennium Online Course. I want you first to view the introduction video when you start the program, then move to the main course, which begins with some analytical self-reflecting questions that you may find a little confronting, so I suggest you use a pencil to fill in your response in your downloadable workbook, because as you work your way through the course, you may need to go back and adjust some of the earlier answers which might now, in contrast, reveal themselves to be somewhat contradictory. This process will help you resolve your lack of focus and inconsistent work habits and ultimately guide you towards your financial security. With the Destiny program, I teach you how to have dynamic goal setting and develop a lifetime of motivation. You'll discover techniques to handle a cash crunch successfully, and I will share my time menu and formula that will return to you with free time. You will learn the keys to franchising, decision making, and negotiation. On the business front, you'll be taught how to buy a business, operate a business, and then sell a business. I then show you how to become more decisive, more confident, and ultimately know where you are going and much more.

May the GOD that we both serve expand your life until your Destiny fulfilled.

Dr Peter J. Daniels


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