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Living on the edge

While coming from a poor dysfunctional family background and suffering from ill health and dyslexia he never passed one grade at school. However, from this humble beginning he developed a deep faith in God and confounded the sceptics. At seventy years of age he still aspires, works and looks like someone much younger.

Happily married to Robina for forty-nine years he enjoys the love, friendship and support of a very close knit family with three children and eight grandchildren. The mass media at times has called him a ‘religious nut’ and a ‘battle scarred champion’ of a dozen crusades when he fought pornography and an ‘adrenalin charged salesman’. The business community has said of him ‘he could motivate an Egyptian mummy to walk’ and yet others call him an ‘International Business Statesman’.

Church leaders refer to him as a missionary to the business world or a merchant of hope and speak widely of his generosity. He has received many honours from universities, theological college, governments, business and humanitarian organizations around the world. Thousands flock to hear him speak wherever he travels across the globe and his books sell at a frantic pace. One tape recording on encouragement is attributed to have reached over one million copies. He is a genius for creating simple business formulas to solve difficult problems and has spoken to more live audiences throughout the world than any other Australian.

A Christian Code of Conduct

God has a great deal to say about the conduct of His people and how they should behave as citizens of His Kingdom. In this book Dr. Peter Daniels poses the question: “Why is it that so many people who have been Christians for ten, twenty and even fifty years appear to be so ineffective as an example in the performance of their everyday lives?”

Could it be that a misunderstanding of grace has lessened the standard, or excused the effort needed to be the victorious overcomers God has called His people to be? Or perhaps it is intimidation caused by the demands for political and religious correctness that has muted the voice of preachers so they no longer have the courage to declare and require a biblical code of behavior.

Dr. Daniels’ book is of immense value; it has been tried and proven. It is not untested or untried theory. Therefore, it comes with the weight of authority, and brings a blessing ready to be imparted to the reader.

I have confidence in its validity as Dr. Daniels’ life bears witness to what he writes. He has “disciplined his mind and actions.” He has added action to his faith.

He can therefore, with integrity, recommend to us that we should put together our own Christian Code of Conduct.

When a code is recommended concerning Christian behavior, shallow and religious minds tend to think of a legalistic list of do’s and don’ts. This book is about the behavior and actions of God’s people, whose hearts have been touched by God’s amazing grace and love, and thus a desire has been stirred within them that their lives will truly glorify God with “conduct worthy of the Gospel of Christ” (Philippians 1:27).

How to be happy though rich

At first glance, the title of this book may seem somewhat strange. I guess most of us would be quite happy to be rich! But how to be happy though rich? On the other hand, there is a popular belief that it is wrong for a Christian to be rich. Or, if not exactly wrong, not quite right, either! Perhaps in response to this, there has been a rising tide of teaching in some quarters in recent years, that prosperity is, in fact, a matter of faith.

If you have enough faith, you will prosper. If you are not prospering, then maybe your faith is at fault. In How to be Happy Though Rich, Peter Daniels works his way though all of these various attitudes and has a good hard look at the whole question. He comes up with some surprising, challenging and often disturbing answers. He points out that “rich” is a purely relative term and even the poorest Australian may be very rich in comparison with the majority of the world’s population. He shows how the acquisition of money carries with it a divine responsibility to use it wisely and generously. He points out that prosperity usually implies leadership – and that always means hard work, pressure and criticism! There are also some very important guidelines for ordering your daily life and managing affairs.

I was in a seminar once when someone asked Mr. Daniels if there was not a danger of a money becoming your god. His answer was right to the point: “Not if you keep on giving it away. You can never give away your god.” I recommend this book to you – whether you be rich or poor – for it will help you to arrive at a clear, balanced and beneficial view of handling money.

I’m sure that reading it will help you to improve your affairs significantly. You’ll certainly get
more than the price of this book in return! Barry Chant, Director, House of Tabor.

How to be motivated all the time

Discouragement is one of the most fatal emotions in human experience. It causes failure in marriage, in business, in career, in church life, in study, in personal development. The best antidote to discouragement is motivation.

A person who is both personally and permanently motivated doesn’t give up easily! In this book Peter Daniels lays down simple, practical keys to becoming and remaining motivated. In fact, you only have to look over the chapter headings to see how practical and down-to-earth this book is. Yet at the same time, this is a challenging volume. Anyone who wants to succeed in any area of life should grasp the principles outlined here. Whether you want to be a success in business or in your career or simply in the art of living, continuing motivation is crucial. In fact, some of the fundamental principles that Peter Daniels outlines are timeless – hence the occasional reference to the eternal values mentioned in Scripture.

And for this reason, they are also universal: they apply to all of us. Reading this book should really help you to be motivated all the time! Barry Chant, President, The House of Tabor..

Global Survey into Multi level Marketing

The Rescue of an Industry!

For those who are energetic, like to be with people and have challenging desires, Global Survey into Multi-Level Marketing can provide an immense opportunity that will absorb their lives in the direction and capacity of managing their networking/multi-level marketing involvement.

For those already committed to a networking/multi-level marketing organisation, this survey will reveal some changes that need to be made.

The keen, scrupulous networking/multi-level marketing company has nothing to fear and everything to gain from this survey. It will enable the company to observe its own weaknesses and to create new and exciting programs to fulfill its need, and in doing so, to increase its share of this expanding business.

This Survey is dedicated to the dreams of all those multi-level marketing people, and to the companies which need to help make their dreams a reality, in the feverent hope that ‘a change for the better’ will be the watchword for the future success of this dynamic force. We hope that this survey will give those committed people out in the field the message they so desperately want, and the multi-level marketing companies the message they so desperately need.

How to create your own dynamic mission statement

This book can be for you a blueprint for success and priority living that will clarify your direction and make the journey of life more enjoyable. The following pages will guide you into a “take charge” lifestyle that puts you at the control levers of your life. For some this may become unsettling, because there is within that unforgiving framework a “no let out” clause for personal and corporate accountability.

As you first create and then pursue your dynamic mission statement that works, you will experience a new and exciting sense of fulfilment that will permit you to look with greater confidence towards a more productive future, with the means of transportation to the realisation of your productive dreams clearly defined.

How to handle a major crisis

If you can go through life without facing a major crisis, you are very fortunate indeed! Most people are confronted by crisis situations more than once. In this book, Peter J. Daniels writes from his own experience. Coming from a poor background and a broken home, he has himself faced serious illness and bankruptcy on several occasions. Simple guidelines are laid down which enable the reader to take practical steps to overcome difficulty and to face critical situations successfully.

For example, don’t let yourself be sidetracked into foolish decisions. And don’t be pressured into unwise moves. Seek the advice of other people – how did they overcome problems? Don’t try to solve the whole problem at once – break it up into parts that you can handle. Get your problem into perspective – it may not be as bad as you think. And above all, watch your attitude.

Don’t let the ‘doom-and-gloom’ concept ruin your life. You can win! These principles – and the many others expounded in this book – are real and have been used in many situations with proven results. Peter’s prayer is that it will provide a systematic, workable approach to fulfil your needs in a major crisis.

As in his earlier books, he has avoided long-winded philosophies that may sound good but do little to overcome difficulties in your hour of need. In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us – Romans 8:37.

Miss Philips you were wrong:

A Formula to Handle Rejection

Peter J Daniels would have been considered a prime candidate for a dull, meaningless and unfulfilled life. He came from a broken home, failed at school, failed in business and was plagued by illiteracy and low self esteem. His teacher, Miss Phillips, told him he would never amount to anything. The bank manager warned he would never make it in Real Estate. A high ranking parliamentarian told him he would never be able to speak in public.

Negative advice abounded. He didn’t have ability. The timing was wrong. The opportunity was not there. But Peter J Daniels proved them all wrong; and for the last thirty years he has continued to confounded the sceptics. He has succeeded in Real Estate and as an author. He has become one of the most sought after public speakers in the world today.

His mini-schools on successful entrepreneuring span the world. He has been honoured by governments, institutions and businesses in many countries. Miss Phillips, You Were Wrong is not an autobiography but a formula for overcoming rejection, putdowns, criticism and hesitation. It will act as a tool and a guide to propel you out of the doldrums of despair and give you real confidence in your future.

Will Power

The intergrity of the soul

Have you ever lay awake at night and, while looking at the ceiling, wondered what your life could have been? Have you ever contemplated what, but for a deviation here or an obstacle there, you would be doing now and how your life would have been different? Have you ever examined the decisions you have made and those you should have made? Have you ever considered why certain decisions were made? Why you did this or did not do that?

What was the motivation that brought you to where you are today, and why are you not somewhere else? Did you have some great grand plan for your life? And if so, does it still exist? In other words what was… is… or could be the force that directs your life?

Some would say circumstances, others would say the climate and the times in which we live… but could it be choice?

Your willpower harnessed to your character will make the difference!

The Awsesome Power of Public Speaking

At 26 years of age, I was a bricklayer, with very limited education and pretty fuzzy comprehension. Yet within my soul was a desperate, urgent, compelling desire to communicate. I did not at this stage have any message – only a feeling that I had something burning inside that had to get out; and I was prepared to trade my life for it.

The trigger that exploded my life into what I was to become (and am still becoming) was released on May 25th, 1959, at a Billy Graham crusade. It was to take me on an endless of presidents, film stars and celebrities of all kinds, into the dizzy worlds of high finance and, by contrast, to the corners of the earth in war zones where poverty and depravation of the worst possible kind prevailed.

I never looked back, because I was changed; I had experienced something akin to Wesley when ‘his heart was strangely warmed,’ or, as others have put it, I was ‘exposed with clarity to a moment of truth’. I have often tried to explain it to my wife and family: I hear a different song of music that is beyond description but ever present. With its magic rhythm, it sets the direction for my journey, like the Pied Piper of Hamlyn. The sound goes on – sometimes quickening the pace, sometimes more slowly, but always with the same haunting call to obey.

In those early days, I was asked to speak at a Sunday School anniversary for 25 minutes. I was a miserable failure and spoke, haltingly and in a state of fear, for about eight minutes – and then folded speechless and full of despair. When I got home, I wept. I had thought that my compelling desire to speak would be enough, but the result was nothing but empty platitudes without structure or theme. Having recovered somewhat, I enrolled in a Public Speaking class to try and learn the techniques that would help me fulfil my dream.

As I sat and listened to the instructor, my heart sank and I walked out, never to return again. The lecturer’s own ability to speak in public was inadequate. I knew that I needed to rise above the mediocrity of that teacher, and I was afraid that if I stayed in the course, I might get locked into a style and presence that would never become awesome or great.

I went home and read what Abraham Lincoln had said: ‘I will study and prepare and my opportunity will come.’ For the next five years, almost every day, I polished my diction and dialogue listening to my speeches on a tape recorder and correcting what I thought were obvious flaws. During that time, although involved in many areas of church and social work, I was given little opportunity to speak in public.

On one rare occasion, I was asked to preach at our church. I received a tremendous response from the congregation – only to have the pastor say, ‘You must have copied that from someone else.’ I was never invited to preach again! It was at that time that my wife, Robina, recognised that I had something different, and that somehow I had what was to be described by others a long time later as ‘ the awesome power of public speaking.’ And so, with openness and affection to all who have heard a different sound and what to express it to others, I take you through the well learned lessons of the past 30 years – my pilgrimage to the awesome power of public speaking.

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