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How to Reach Your Life Goals E-book

Peter J Daniels has written this book to help you unlock the power of goal setting and tap into the potential God has placed inside you. This practical, hands-on, how-to book will help you understand, develop, and set goals that align with God's plan for Your Life! And it's FREE!

In this FREE e-book, you will learn that Attaining Success Depends More on Attitude Than on Circumstances. Peter J. Daniels demonstrated what can be accomplished by adopting a positive philosophy, Setting Challenging Goals, And Following a Plan of Action for Achieving Those Goals.

Goal Setting- Online Training from

Peter J. Daniels

In this Online Event, You Will Learn...

  • How to create Life Goals that align with God Plans for your Life
  • How to prepare for your Life Goals
  • How to deal with disappointment, frustration and failure
  • How to reach seemingly impossible goals
  • Biblical examples of Life Goals
  • The Goals Formula and how to successfully apply it in your life

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    Proven Effectiveness

    Effectiveness can simply be identified with the Author. Sought out by Heads of State, Ambassadors, World Leaders, and many more, Peter's Goals program is not only effective, but it's also proven. And it's not just proven by himself, it has repeatable results worldwide.


    He came from a disadvantaged background, and his early years were plagued by illiteracy and ignorance. He became a Christian on May 25, 1959, at a Billy Graham Crusade in Adelaide, South Australia. In spite of numerous disadvantages, he built a large real estate business in Australia, with Southeast Asian connections. He has served on international boards covering the four corners of the globe and has been deeply involved in Christian outreach throughout the world for more than 46 years. He has conducted free of charge over 1,000 seminars in churches in many parts of the world.

    Peter and his wife promote Christian Family values. They have three children, eight grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

    Peter Daniels has authored over fifteen books and numerous business education programs that are distributed worldwide in many languages. He has been honored by universities, institutions, and governments, for his entrepreneurial ability and benevolence. He has served on International Boards with some of the world's greatest intellectual, business, academic, religious, and corporate giants of the 20th and 21st centuries.

    Attaining Success Depends on Attitude...

    Attaining success depends more on attitude than on circumstances. Peter J. Daniels has graphically demonstrated what can be accomplished by adopting a positive philosophy, setting challenging goals, and following a plan of action for achieving those goals.

    Paul J Meyer // Pioneer of the Self-Improvement Industry

    I wanted everything that was in Peter in me!

    "I was incredibly inspired. I wanted everything that was in him to be in me. I've never heard such incredible inspiration and power, with intellect at a level I've never known in my life."

    Dr. Mike Murdock // American Televangelist

    One of the best books ever written on goal setting...

    I've learned more in reading this book than any other single source on the principles, power, and possibilities of setting personal goals.

    Dr. Robert Shuller // Christian Televangelist

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      Over 50,000 Readers

      How to Achieve Your Life Goals has been read by tens of thousands of people across the globe. It has changed the direction of those lost and fighting for a way to survive. It has affected the leadership of many countries. It will transform you!

      My Personal Guarantee to You!

      When implemented, I guarantee that these principles will make a difference in your life. I know when you take action, you’ll get results.

      These are the same principles I have followed day in and day out for the last 50 years that have enabled me to contribute to over 1000 churches and speak to over a million people across the Globe on this subject of Goal Setting.

      May God expand your life until your Destiny is fulfilled.

      Peter J. Daniels
      World Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies